With more land being safeguarded for neighbourhood parks, more park connectors and cycling routes, and with Downtown East being upgraded, Pasir Ris will retain its identity as one of the greenest townships, with varied recreational and leisure spaces to complement the valuable new jobs being created at nearby industrial estates.


How towns are planned

Our towns are planned with a comprehensive range of facilities to meet the needs of current and future residents. These include housing, shops, schools, libraries, sports facilities, community clubs and parks – all important in ensuring a liveable, self-sufficient town.

The facilities are carefully distributed across each town to ensure good accessibility, supported by an efficient transport network.

Most towns also have commercial nodes and other employment centres such as industrial estates and business parks within the town or nearby, to provide job opportunities close to homes. These facilities and employment centres will be developed according to demand..


Housing: Better living environment for Singaporeans

Pasir Ris has developed into a desirable town to live in. To serve existing and new residents in Pasir Ris, more facilities will be added and existing amenities upgraded to continue to ensure a good living environment in Pasir Ris

  • A new hawker centre within Pasir Ris Town Park
  • Redevelopment of the town centre with new commercial facilities built
  • Revamp of the Downtown East leisure hub by 2017

Leisure: New reasons to be outdoors

Pasir Ris’ appeal comes in part from the many parks and waterbodies that are within easy reach of the residents, such as Pasir Ris Park, Pasir Ris Beach, Pasir Ris Town Park, the nature area next to Sungei Tampines and Lorong Halus Wetland. Several initiatives will be implemented in the coming years to bring most homes in Pasir Ris within 400m of parks or park connectors, namely:

  • Setting aside more land for Lorong Halus Wetland
  • New neighbourhood parks
  • The Round-Island-Route will connect the Eastern Coastal and North Eastern Park Connector Loops by 2016-2017

Other developments that will further support and promote outdoor activities include

  • Enhancements at Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines under Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters projects by PUB, including the landscaping of river banks, new lookout decks, shelters and seating
  • A kayak launch pontoon on the east bank of Sungei Api Api

Transport: Smoother, shorter journeys

Travelling within Pasir Ris and to other parts of Singapore will be faster and more convenient with the following enhancements to the roads and public transport services, including:

  • Extension of Pasir Ris Drive 8 and Loyang Drive to Pasir Ris Drive 3
  • Widening of Pasir Ris Street 51
  • Two new roads, Pasir Ris Rise and Pasir Ris Link
  • Improvements along Tampines Expressway (TPE), Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Loyang Avenue
  • A new road linking to Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE), TPE and Punggol
  • The 50km-long Cross Island Line, which will serve Pasir Ris when it is operational by 2030, providing an alternative east-west MRT connection from Changi to Jurong
  • Expanding the existing Pasir Ris cycling network by 2014
  • A new Integrated Transport Hub at Pasir Ris Central

Economy: More jobs near home

Working near home will be a perk available to more Pasir Ris residents when new jobs are created in the area. What residents can expect

  • Works to prepare the land for advanced, high-value wafer fabrication plants will begin from 2015 to replace the Loyang Agrotechnology Park
  • Sites for data centres at Loyang Industrial Estate will be launched from 2013


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